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'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart 'salutes' the Koch brothers on Jan. 28, 2015. [YouTube]

Jon Stewart: Do the Koch brothers want control of our democracy, or ‘would they settle for handjobs?’

Jon Stewart mocked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Wednesday for rushing to the defense of billionaires Charles and David Koch and their plan to spend nearly $900 million on the 2016 elections.
70-year-old William Wingate shortly before his arrest for allegedly threatening an officer with his golf club in July 2014. [YouTube]

Seattle man needed state official’s help to avoid charges for ‘walking while black’

According to former state Rep. Dawn Mason (D), officials “tried to convince me nothing was wrong” when Officer Cynthia Whitlach arrested William Wingate for allegedly threatening her with his golf club.
The reconstruction of a Neanderthal man is on display at the Museum for Prehistory in Eyzies-de-Tayac on July 19, 2004 (AFP)

55,000-year-old human skull found in Israel sheds light on migration and sex with Neanderthals

The skull reveals that modern humans reached the Levant where the population may have given rise to those who later colonised Europe when the frozen climate abated and the territory became more habitable.
Beer cups (YouTube)

Hockey fans hurl beer and racial slurs, chasing dozens of Native American kids from game

In a Facebook post, Justin Poor Bear explained that his child was one of the 57 American Horse School students who he accompanied to the Rush hockey game in Rapid City on Saturday night.
"Plos wilson" by Jim Harrison - PLoS. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.

Famed biologist: Religion ‘is dragging us down’ and must be eliminated ‘for the sake of human progress’

Biologist E. O. Wilson, who was raised as a Baptist in Alabama, has said that he “drifted” away from Christianity, but he doesn’t refer to himself as an atheist.
Nightly Show (Screen shot)

Nightly Show: Anti-vaxxers want to control their world by putting your kids at risk

The panel discussion on last night’s Nightly Show became heated when an anti-vaccine advocate and a doctor got into an argument about the reason why parents refuse to vaccinate their children.
Black businessman expresses shock and surprise (Shutterstock)

Virginia county official calls 43-year-old black reporter ‘boy’ during public meeting

Trice, a 43-year-old government affairs reporter for The News Leader, said he expected Pyles to be angry about his article on a closed meeting that was held improperly – but he didn’t expect the official to use racially charged language.
Caribbean shipwreck (Shutterstock)

Gulp, matey: Medical equipment from wreckage of Blackbeard’s ship not for faint of heart

Archaeologists working on the wreckage of the pirate Blackbeard’s ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, have unearthed medical equipment that demonstrates just how unhealthy the life of an 18th Century pirate could be.
Fox News host Sean Hannity (Fox News)

Fox News more wrong than ever: New Politifact review finds pundits spewing mostly lies

Politifact regularly examines claims made on air by pundits, hosts, or paid contributors and rates those statements by accuracy. The latest scorecard showed more than 60 percent of the claims made on Fox News were mostly false or worse.