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Rastafarian businessman (Shutterstock)

Whoops: Indiana’s anti-gay ‘Religious Freedom’ act opens the door for the First Church of Cannabis

In a classic case of “unintended consequences,” the recently signed Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in Indiana may have opened the door for the establishment of the First Church of Cannabis in the Hoosier State.
Ricky Gervais (Shuttertstock)

Ricky Gervais on being an atheist: ‘It’s just the supernatural thing I don’t buy’

“I think people think ‘atheist’ means you’re this angry militant who runs into churches and says, ‘All of you are going to die, stop this!’ I like Christmas, I like carols. I just don’t believe there’s a God. That’s all there is to it.”
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After a near-death, school struggles with mother’s request to become ‘peanut-free’

“It was just horrifying -- my worst nightmare,” Melissa said about learning that her daughter had to be rushed to the hospital after the nurse’s attempt to stop the reaction via an EpiPen failed.
Ted Cruz speaks with CNN (screen grab)

Ted Cruz: ‘Part of the problem’ with America is the White House isn’t in Texas

"When I came home to the State Convention of the Texas Federation of Republican Women ... the women back home who enthusiastically appreciated someone who was standing and fighting for them,” Cruz said.
Nebraska farmer James Osborne pours out some drinks for the commission (Screencapture)

WATCH: Nebraska farmer silences oil and gas committee with invitation to drink water tainted by fracking

Appearing before a Nebraska Oil & Gas Conservation committee hearing, a local farmer received nothing but silence from the pro-fracking members of the board after he invited them to drink glasses of water tainted by fracking.
Carly Fiorina speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

GOP’s Carly Fiorina: Economy is suffering because workers are ‘watching porn all day long’

Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, who is expected to announce a campaign for president, said over the weekend that she could improve the economy by cutting federal worker pay because they were “watching porn all day long.”
Child crying and praying (Shutterstock)

Protecting parents over children: The shameless hypocrisy at the heart of right-wing Christianity

Why do the same people who fight against abortion argue that parents should have the right to beat their children and deny them medical care or education, as some conservative Republicans have done recently?
Grunge ripped paper American flag (Shutterstock)

Here are 9 things many Americans just don’t understand — compared to the rest of the world

Americans' lack of worldliness clouds their views on everything from economics to sex to religion.
George W. Bush speaks to CBS News (screen grab)

George W. Bush gets intelligence group award

Yes. The jokes write themselves.