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Erik Prince Screen Capture (YouTube)

Former Blackwater CEO says his mercenaries could have stopped ISIS if not for Obama

Erik Prince said his company "could have gone in there and done it, and be done, and not have a long, protracted political mess that I predict will ensue."
Man Holds Head With Group Of Empty Beer Bottles (Shutterstock)

9 college freshmen dead in alcohol-related incidents in first weeks of new school year

“Parents and students are so focused on getting into college, there’s not always a lot of attention given to what’s going to happen once they’re actually there,” University of Indiana dean of students Pete Goldsmith said.
Screenshot from Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Bill Maher: ‘White America needs to stop putting forth this toxic idea that racism is over’

On Friday night’s episode of Real Time, panelists Joan Walsh, Wendell Pierce, Rep. Jack Kingston joined host Bill Maher to discuss racism in America and the NFL’s recent domestic abuse scandals. However, the conversation turned quickly to recent events in Ferguson, MO.

Desmond Tutu calls for tactics that beat apartheid to be used in climate change fight

On the eve of the UN Climate Summit, Desmond Tutu argues that tactics used against firms who did business with South Africa must now be applied to fossil fuels to prevent human suffering
Jessica Arrandale via Facebook

Georgia woman’s last act before dying from gunshot was to hide baby in toilet to save her life

Jessica Arrendale’s partner and father of her 6-month-old daughter Cobie attacked her with a baseball bat and then an assault rifle, shooting her through the head.
Police advance through a cloud of tear gas toward demonstrators protesting the killing of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson (AFP)

St. Louis Police Academy offering ‘fun’ seminar for dealing with media in ‘officer-related shootings’

The seminar on Oct. 24, promises “OFFICER-INVOLVED SHOOTING — YOU CAN WIN WITH THE MEDIA,” with an overview of do’s and don’ts including, “Meet the 900-Pound Gorilla” and “Feeding the Animals.”
Michelle Guggar via TLC (youtube)

Escape from Duggarville: How playing the good Christian housewife almost killed me

Our Christian sect encouraged a mindset in which dad was supreme patriarch. It led to extreme emotional abuse.
Woman in ninja mask via Shutterstock

Armed ‘ninja’ sister-wives caught trying to abduct Utah sex assault victim

The family of a 15-year-old witness in a Utah rape trial were shocked to find two of the defendant’s “wives” in their house late Thursday night dressed like “ninjas” and armed with knives and stun guns.

10 Republican red states that mooch off of coastal liberal states

Data shows that these hypocritical GOP-leaning states are likely to be the biggest recipients of federal tax money.